Mount Brave

Founded in 2007, Mt. Brave is a tribute to the pioneering spirit of those who settled in the rugged terrain of Mount Veeder during the 1800s. It also pays homage to the indigenous Wappo people, “the brave ones,” who were the original inhabitants of this extraordinary place.

Mt. Brave produces intense and complex wines from its high-altitude vineyard in the Mount Veeder AVA, located in the Mayacamas Mountains. First planted with grapes in the 1860s, this wild and isolated winegrowing region features sparse soils, steep terrain and some of the regions lowest yields. Despite being the largest AVA in Napa Valley, Mount Veeder produces less than 2% of all its wines.
For over 150 years, determined winegrowers have farmed this mountain landscape, where many thought the conditions too severe, too extreme and lacking in promise. Nutrients and minerals are scant, resulting in tiny concentrated berries. In addition to this, the vineyard’s rugged terrain means virtually all work must be done by hand.
Mount Brave Brochure
Mount Brave Brochure | pdf