Marimar Estate

With a family history of winemaking that dates back to 1870, it was maybe not surprising that Marimar Torres, sister of the legendary Miguel A Torres, would continue the family’s legacy of producing exceptional wines.

In 1981 she started the search for the perfect property to plant a vineyard, and - after two years of searching - she bought 25 hectares of land in Sonoma County, close to the town of Sebastopol in the Russian River Valley appellation, an area which arguably produces the finest Pinot Noir in all of California. Today the Don Miguel Vineyard encompasses 50 planted acres. About 20 are planted with Chardonnay, 20 with Pinot Noir, five with Albariño, five with Tempranillo, two with Syrah and one with an experimental block of Godello.

"I benefit from a collective experience of 135 years of winemaking and my education continues to this day"

The Green Valley, one of Sonoma County’s coolest growing regions with its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, provides an excellent growing season, allowing the grapes to develop slowly to full intensity. Nestled in the rolling hills of Western Sonoma County, the Russian River Valley appellation has a perfect microclimate for growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
Building on the success of her first enterprise Marimar then decided to buy a magnificent new 180- acre property in the Sonoma Coast appellation, naming the vineyard ‘Dona Margarita’ in honour of her mother. Only 20 acres are planted, all of which are Pinot Noir. The rest of the estate is a dedicated conservation area which is protected from any future development so that wildlife can thrive. Species include groves of redwood, fir, oak, madrone, pine and bay. The estate has hundreds of redwoods set amidst wild forest that are protected and will therefore remain untouched. The vineyard borders these trees and has been laid out with ecological sensitivity.

As a passionate believer in the environment, Marimar has employed sustainable practices in her vineyards and the winery. The property is 100% solar powered and she has taken her environmental commitment further by developing biodynamic farming methods across her entire estate.
Ecological farming methods have been employed across all of the vineyards since 2003 and the estate was granted full organic certification in 2006. Since then the estate has evolved and now employs a completely sustainable method of viticulture which regards the property as one single ecosystem.

At Marimar Estate, the commitment to the environment has increased continuously over almost two decades. The entire winery and the two houses on the property are 100% solar-powered; waste is recycled creating its own compost for fertilizing the vineyard; cover crops provide an ideal habitat for beneficial insects, natural predators of harmful pests; chickens are bred to increase biodiversity; boxes for owls are nestled in the vineyard and beehives have been established, as the ecological role of bees has a positive influence on the sexual reproduction of plants. In addition to this, the people involved in these processes are also highly valued.

Marimar Estate

Marimar Estate Brochure
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