Established in 1820, W & J Graham is one of the most famous names in the Port trade and has long been synonymous with the greatest Vintage Ports. The Symington family acquired the company from the Graham family in 1970, so today Graham’s remains a wholly family-owned firm.

Graham’s, which is one of the most respected names in the Port trade, is also one of the most innovative and has firmly established itself as the world’s leading luxury Port house through the development of its premium wines.  A key part of this approach has been the development of its Aged Tawnies where Graham’s has successfully transformed the way in which its wines are presented.  The move to non-traditional, clear glass bottles that accentuate the amber hues of the wines has been instrumental in changing consumer perceptions, and Graham’s have built on this success by introducing very rare Single Harvest wines in the same format. These developments have established Graham’s as one of the true pioneers of the Port Trade, a position which was reaffirmed when they received the ‘The World’s Most Admired Port Brand’ award from Drinks International in 2016 and 2017.

The Graham's 1890 Lodge

Named after the year in which it was built, the Graham’s 1890 Lodge was renovated in 2013 and is now regarded as one of the leading tourist attractions in Oporto. The Lodge includes Vinum, a restaurant specialising in local Portuguese cuisine, which was nominated “Restaurant of the Year” by the leading Portuguese wine magazine Revista de Vinhos in 2014. With stunning views onto the Douro River and the ancient city of Oporto on one side, together with over 3,200 seasoned oak barrels containing Port wines on the other, it is the perfect location to experience the three hundred year history of Port.

Graham's Malvedos Vineyard

Quinta dos Malvedos is acknowledged to have some of the Upper Douro’s finest vineyards and has been the source of some of the greatest vintage Ports ever made. The old winery was completely renovated in 2000 and is now equipped with three revolutionary robotic lagares that ‘tread’ the grapes.

Graham's Port

Graham’s Port Brochure
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