Founded in 1670, Warre’s is the oldest British Port House and has remained a family-owned company throughout its long history.

The backbone of Warre’s Ports are made at Quinta da Cavadinha and at the historic vineyard of Quinta do Retiro Antigo in the Rio Torto valley. Recently, the magnificent Quinta da Telhada in the far eastern Douro has been acquired for Warre’s and provides some of its finest grapes.

A Specialist Producer

Warre’s are famous for producing a range of specialist Ports that are not commonly made by other Port houses. They are just one of a handful of producers, for example, that produce a ‘Bottle-Matured LBV’ – a Late Bottled Vintage Port, where the wine is bottled unfiltered and then cellared for four years to allow the wine to mature before it is released for sale.
Another wine that embodies the distinct character of the company’s Ports is Quinta da Cavadinha. Arguably one of the most elegant and feminine of all Single Quinta Vintage Ports, Warre’s Cavadinha owes much of its unique charm to the location of the winery – a high altitude mountain quinta which sits away from the Douro river where the majority of the valleys other wineries are located.
Warre’s have also been one of the most innovative Port companies and were the first Port house to introduce a contemporary Aged Tawny to the UK market with the introduction of Otima.

Otima 10 Year Old Tawny

In its tall, elegant, clear glass bottle that accentuates the beautiful amber and tawny hues of the wine, Warre’s Otima was a radical departure from the traditional tawnies of the past when it was first launched in 1990. Produced from a blend of lighter tawny wines, Otima is an extremely versatile wine that can be served chilled – a characteristic which lends itself to more casual drinking, making it well suited to a younger audience. The success of Otima has led to other Aged Tawnies following suit and Aged Tawny sales have grown significantly as a result.

Quinta de Cavadinha

The winery at Cavadinha in the Pinhão valley is one of the most specialised small ‘boutique’ wineries in the Douro, with six state-of-theart automated lagares. This winery is featured in Hugh Johnson’s World Atlas of Wine. In addition, some of Warre’s finest Ports come from the private family-owned vineyards of Alvito and Netas.

Warre's Port

Warre's Port Brochure
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