Quinta do Vesúvio

Quinta do Vesuvio stands alone both in terms of remoteness and sheer grandeur. Located in the wild and serenely beautiful eastern reaches of the Upper Douro valley, this property is set in the prime wine growing area of the demarcated Port region.

Quinta do Vesuvio is located in the heart of the Douro Superior, 120 kilometres from Portugal’s Atlantic coast and only 45 kilometres from the border with Spain. The Quinta’s special reputation for producing outstanding wines dates back to the nineteenth century, when the Viscount of Villa Maior wrote, “All this wine is made scrupulously and to perfection... this Quinta was made as if for princes...” Vesuvio has a total area of 326 hectares (806 acres), of which 137 hectares (339 acres) are planted with vines. The rest, almost two-thirds, has been conserved in its natural, wild state.  

As well as vineyards, many other things grow at Vesuvio including fruit orchards, olive groves and vegetable gardens.
The 137 hectare vineyard is predominantly North and West facing and rises from 110 metres at the riverside to 450 metres at the top of the ridge. This estate makes exceptionally balanced wines, amongst the finest in the entire region. The soil is predominantly schistous with small granite outcrops.
Positioned towards the Eastern part of the Douro, the Quinta has a continental climate with very hot Summers and very cold Winters. It is very dry with an average of only 470mm of rain falling each year.

Quinta do Vesuvio Wines

Quinta do Vesuvio Brochure
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