Edmeades is beloved for its distinctive character, personality and limited bottlings of iconoclastic, single vineyard Zinfandels. All of the wines are handcrafted from grapes sourced from the cool, coastal vineyards and rugged mountains of Mendocino County.

In 1963, Dr. Donald Edmeades, a Pasadena cardiologist with a spirit for adventure and risk, planted grapes in Philo, Anderson Valley. He was the first modern-day grower in the remote stretch of Mendocino. His son Deron took the foundations laid by his father and established Edmeades in 1972. The winery quickly gained recognition, winning many awards, medals and high scores from critics. In 1988, Edmeades was purchased by Jess Jackson, making it one of the first wineries to join the Jackson Family Wines portfolio. Ben Salazar joined Edmeades as head winemaker in 2012 after working as an oenologist and assistant winemaker for other Jackson Family wineries. He is a Zinfandel devotee who appreciates the grape’s historical importance to California. Edmeades adheres to traditional techniques and natural winemaking resulting in wines that exemplify the authentic taste of one of California’s final viticultural frontiers – Mendocino County’s famed Anderson Valley.

Pure Mendocino – bold wines from rugged coastal vineyards.

The winery prefers a delicate touch in the cellar, allowing each vineyard to be fully expressed in the wines it makes. There are native yeast fermentations in small open-top bins, hand punch downs, minimal manipulation and no fining or filtration at bottling. The simplicity of these natural methods allows the soil and climate of each site to be clearly
demonstrated in the award-winning wines of Edmeades.
The winery is best known for its limited-edition, single-vineyard Zinfandels from some of the oldest and highest sites in Mendocino County, including Perli (planted in the late 1800s), Piffero (planted in 1930 using blasting powder to clear the side of a mountain), Shamrock (2,800 feet above the Pacific Ocean), and Gianoli (planted at 1,900 feet in the 1880’s).

Edmeades Brochure
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