Oxford Landing Estates

In 1958, South Australian entrepreneur and winemaking visionary Wyndham Hill Smith took a spade and sank it into the riverside dirt.

In the late 1800s, the Murray River in South Australia was a thriving trade highway. Commercial paddle steamers made their way up and down the river transporting goods such as wheat, wool and household supplies. One such paddle steamer met an untimely end when a fire aboard forced the vessel ashore where it was reduced to ashes. Among the wreckage strewn on the riverbank, was a sign carrying the name of the boat – ‘The City of Oxford’. From that time on, this area was known as Oxford Landing. In 1958, South Australian entrepreneur and winemaking visionary Wyndham Hill-Smith took a spade and sank it into the riverside dirt. He believed this place of fertile red soil and bountiful sunshine would be ideal for growing premium grape varieties, and Oxford Landing Estates was born. Every one of Oxford Landing’s wines are bottled at their winery in South Australia. By nurturing the wine every step along the journey they can guarantee the authenticity, provenance, quality and consistency of every wine, every day.

Big vistas, small Thinking

By using small vineyard techniques such as detailed pruning, canopy management and crop thinning, Oxford Landing Estates can express the individuality of each of their 130 five acre blocks. This small scale approach continues with methods usually reserved for boutique winemaking, such as using wild yeasts in fermentation, back-blending with barrel aged wines and minimal handling of juice so the wines are handled gently yet quickly.

Restoring the natural balance

The estates’ revegetation programme has seen over 300,000 trees planted on their neighbouring property, creating a natural wine buffer, a sanctuary for wildlife, and helping to offset the estates’ carbon footprint.

Best practice

Purpose built in 2005, Oxford Landing Estates’ winery operates the industry’s best practice. 98% of their packaging is made up of recyclable or recycled products.

Vegan & Vegetarian

As part of the estates’ commitment to minimal intervention winemaking, they have moved away from fining any of their wines. By using cross-flow filtration, Oxford Landing can ensure the wines are a pure expression of the region and that the entire collection is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Oxford Landing Estates

Oxford Landing Estates Brochure
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