This carefully tended vineyard, high in the Eden Valley in South Australia, with its manicured rows of vines and innovative viticultural practices is a stark contrast to the windblown surrounding hills, with their towering eucalypts and rocky granite outcrops.

The magnificent sweep of country that is now Heggies Vineyard had been grazing land for most of its settled history, and was owned by local grazier and bushman, Colin Heggie, who sold it to his old friend, and then fourth generation family member, Wyndham Hill-Smith. In 1971 planting began on the northeastern corner of the property and the first wine was released in 1979. At 550 metres above sea level, Heggies Vineyard is one of South Australia’s highest altitude vineyards and also one of its coolest. The closeplanted, clonally-selected vines are grown in semi-drought conditions on a thin layer of grey sandy loam over clay and decomposed rock, forcing the vines to compete vigorously for moisture and nutrients.

Heggies Winemaker - Teresa Heuzenroder

As approachable as the wines she creates, Teresa Heuzenroeder is the award-winning winemaker of Heggies Vineyard. Intelligent, funny and dedicated, Teresa has an extensive scientific background, initially specialising in food and wine chemistry before entering the wine industry as a microbiologist.
Her progression to winemaking was inevitable, and after graduating in 2001, she has more than seventeen years of senior winemaking experience under her belt. Teresa now specialises in the cool climate wines of the Heggies Vineyard portfolio.


Heggies Brochure
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