Copenhagen Sparkling Tea joins Fells

Fells are delighted to announce that Copenhagen Sparkling Tea – which has been described as ‘the world’s best alternative to Champagne’ – has joined its portfolio.

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Commenting on the move, Fells’ Managing Euan Mackay, said “Copenhagen Sparkling Tea is a perfect fit for our portfolio. Although it is made with tea rather than grapes, it shares many of the characteristics of fine wine”.  It was founded by award-winning sommelier Jacob Kocemba in his search for the perfect dessert match, using select ingredients and techniques like those used in winemaking. Available in both No (0%) and Low (5%) alcohol options, it is ideally placed to capitalise on the growing trend towards no- or low-alcohol alternatives and is rapidly developing a following in some of the UK’s most prestigious establishments.

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Jacob Kocemba

The Sparkling Tea category was first created in 2010 by Jacob Kocemba during his time at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unable to find a wine to pair with a dessert from their extensive cellar of more than 1,700 wines, he turned to a homemade tea extract made from an exclusive blend of tea which became an instant success among guests. He realised the many possibilities within the world of tea and in 2017, Jacob partnered up with Bo Sten Hansen who has extensive experience in business development and shares a passion for gastronomy. Together they have worked tirelessly, through hundreds of trials to develop exquisite flavour combinations that form the basis for the different versions of Sparkling Tea.

Now sold in over 50 countries and served at more than 100 Michelin restaurants worldwide, Copenhagen Sparkling Tea continues to expand its global reach thanks to its partnership with Fells.