Founded in 1870 and comprised of 326 hectares, 7 hills and 31 valleys, Quinta do Vesuvio is one of the world’s most iconic wine estates. Its reputation for producing outstanding wines dates back to the nineteenth century.

‘’Quinta do Vesúvio is one of the world’s most iconic wine estates, producing wines of great intensity and incomparable quality’’


Quinta do Vesuvio’s history dates back to 1827 when the original house, chapel and winery were built. It came to prominence under Dona Antonia Ferreira in the 1800’s after she bottled the first ever Single Estate Douro wine here. She was the most powerful woman of her time and even refused to let the Prime Minister of Portugal marry her daughter. She is also credited with saving the region during the phylloxera outbreak and risked bankruptcy by continuing to employ her workforce despite a lack of workable vineyards. In doing so, she saved hundreds of people from starvation.


Only 40% of the 326 hectare Vesuvio Estate is planted with vineyards. These are predominately north and west facing and rise from 110m to 450m. The remainder is a haven for nature where many species of flora and fauna thrive. The estate is located in the heart of the Douro Superior, 120km from Portugal’s Atlantic coast and just 45km from the Spanish border. The climate here is extreme, with hot summers and limited rainfall. Yields from the vines are therefore small compared to other wine producing regions but they produce wines of great intensity and incomparable quality.

Comboio do Vesuvio bottle shot

Comboio do Vesúvio 2020

This third wine from the Quinta do Vesúvio evokes the propitious coexistence between railway and vineyard. Comboio do Vesúvio is made in an unoaked style with traditional Port grape varieties to underscore the wine’s youthful, fruit forward profile.

Pombal-do-Vesuvio-Douro-DOC- bottle shot

Pombal do Vesúvio 2020

Pombal do Vesúvio is the partner wine to Quinta do Vesúvio. One of the main components of Pombal do Vesúvio comes from the terraced vineyards that surround the ancient dovecote (or Pombal) planted primarily with Touriga Nacional during 2000.

Quinta-do-Vesuvio-Douro-DOC- bottle shot

Quinta do Vesúvio 2017

The estate’s top wine is dominated by Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca picked from high altitude vineyards. Concentrated and opulent, cherry and black plum fruit flavours linger on the palette whilst the oak influence adds structure and balance.