Celebrations of Graham’s Bicentennial anniversary continued in Vila Nova de Gaia last week when the Graham’s Bicentenary Collection was presented at the Graham’s 1890 Lodge.

Guests from across the wine trade joined members of the third, fourth and fifth generations of the Symington family to learn more about stories behind the collection and enjoy dinner surrounded by vats of ageing port.

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A selection of of Symington wines were served with dinner, before the opening of the 2006 and 1976 Single Harvest Tawny Ports to accompany dessert and 1994 and 1963 Vintage Ports for cheese.

Guests were treated to a surprise Scottish bagpiper who appeared between the barrels playing his pipes. This was followed later by wonderful traditional Portuguese music from Custódio Castelo, Ianina Khmelik, and Carlos Menezes (pictured, third). Two pieces of music that represent the heritage of Graham’s and the Symington family.

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