An introduction to Royal Tokaji

Tokaji wines have enjoyed a long, glorious history. Louis XIV of France described them as “The wine of Kings and King of wines”, whilst Catherine the Great of Russia stationed a contingent of Cossack soldiers in the region to protect the vineyards and escort the wine on its journey to St. Petersburg. Many European monarchs are known to have enjoyed Tokaji wines. Napoleon III ordered 30–40 barrels of Tokaji for the Imperial Court each year, while Emperor Franz Joseph sent Queen Victoria a gift of Tokaji every year on her birthday – a dozen bottles for each year of her age.

After a turbulent period in its recent history, enterprising winemakers have put Tokaj back on the map past two decades. As a result wine lovers, today, can enjoy the classic Aszú-style sweet wines as well as tongue-tingling dry whites like Furmint and Hárslevelű.

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A fresh, crisp wine showing all the fine qualities of the unique Furmint grape. Aromas of grape flowers, apple, and pear combine with flavours of ripe apricot and peach to produce a sleek, intense dry wine with a long, refreshing finish.

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Furmint Vineyard
Selection 2018

Vineyard Selection Dry Furmint is produced with grapes from the finest classed growth vineyards in the village of Mád. Concentrated, with a firm but floral aroma, it is a structured, medium-bodied wine that shows minerality, spice, and a long fresh finish.