Symington Family Estates are the world’s leading producer of premium port, the leading vineyard owner in the Douro Valley and one of the top Portuguese wine producers.

They are a family of British and Portuguese origin that has lived and worked in Portugal since the 19th century. Their family business – run by the 4th and 5th generation – is founded on a deep commitment to Portugal’s people, its lands and its wines.

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The Symington Family

When it comes to the environment and the challenges around sustainability, the company thinks long-term. They know that their ability to keep producing wine is dependent on a stable climate and a healthy ecosystem. They also recognise that the future of their business relies on the strength and resilience of their local communities, employees and farmers.

This commitment to the environment and its local communities has manifested itself in many forms over the last few years.

Symington Family Estates were the first winery in Portugal to receive Portugal’s Sustainable Winegrowing Certification and in 2019 they joined the IWCA – International Wineries for Climate Action – a collaboration of wineries committed to reducing carbon emissions across the wine industry. They have also transformed their Quinta do Ataíde winery into one of the most sustainable wineries in the world.

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However, perhaps the most notable step that the family has taken towards long terms sustainability was when they became a B Corp in 2018.

B Corporations are assessed for the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Unlike normal companies, B Corps are audited for their impact on all stakeholders from employees and suppliers to the community, customers, and the environment.

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They have also  established a roadmap for fulfilling a series of ambitious environmental goals by 2025. These include achieving 100% of their electricity needs from renewable resources, 20% of which will be generated in-house; to make 100% of the new vehicles that they purchase electric or hybrid models, to reduce their carbon output by 35% per litre of wine bottled; to reduce their electricity consumption by 10% for every litre of wine bottled, to reduce their water consumption by 10% for every litre of wine bottled; to support major ecosystem and reforestation projects in Portugal; to achieve Gold LEED certification for all new winery buildings; to achieve an 80% volunteering take up amongst new employees and to launch a new Symington social and environmental impact fund.