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Castello di Brolio at Barone Ricasoli

Barone Ricasoli

Ricasoli is the epitome of the quintessential Chianti Classico wine estate. With its gentle hills, velvety valleys and thick woodlands of oaks and chestnuts, this 1,200 hectare estate has almost 240 hectares of vineyards and 26 of olive groves. This landsacpe creates a continuous succession of colours and hues around the Brolio Castle, which is located near the beautiful town of Gaiole in Chianti. Since 1993, Baron Francesco Ricasoli has encouraged his company to embrace innovation and change whilst maintaining a deep respect for his renowned ancestors who have made this territory great – particularly, Bettino Ricasoli ’the Iron Baron’.

Francesco Ricasoli, current owner and President of the company, has generated a series of new ideas and concepts to make his vineyards more sustainable. Among his greatest passions are the study of the vineyards soil types and the clonal selection of the Brolio Sangiovese. He has also restored the estates vineyards, whilst comprehensively mapping them at the same time. Today Ricasoli’s wines are an expression of research carried out with the same scientific rigor of his illustrious ancestor but with a contemporary spirit – rather like a runner receiving the baton and carrying it forward with renewed energy.

Barone Ricasoli wine Colledila bottle shot

Colledila 2016

Colledilà stands out for its complex structure and great, modern elegance. A pure Sangiovese that manages to reveal all the magnificent qualities of this grape that are further exalted by the small dimensions of the vineyard whose name it bears. The Colledilà vineyard is on a geological formation called Monte Morello, also known as Alberese. It sits at 390 meters above sea level and has a south-eastern exposure. The grapes are handpicked and then selected: only perfect clusters become Colledilà.

“Established in the Chianti Classico region at the Castello di Brolio in 1141, Barone Ricasoli is one of the four oldest wine estates in the world”

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Renato Ratti Lodge

Renato Ratti

In 1965, when Renato Ratti began his meticulous study of the Barolo zones, he
created a map of the region which the defined each sub-zone according to its
distictive chartacter. When he wrote about the “uniqueness of a determined subzone”,
or of the “classification of the various vintages” and of “refinement through bottle
aging to bestow and maintain smoothness, elegance and longevity to the wine,” he
was setting the foundation of an approach thas has lasted for more than 50 years.
Renato Ratti’s ‘Barolo Marcenasco’ has ancient origins. History bears witness to
the existence of documents at the “Rigestum Comunis Albae” that mention the cultivation of Nebbiolo in the demarcated “Marcenascum” area as far back as the XII Century.

Barolo Marcenasco is smooth, balanced, and elegant, reflecting the typical traits of the zone of La Morra. It is the wine that right from its inception represents Renato Ratti’s history and identity. Created in 1965 by Renato Ratti, the label pays homage to the history of Marcenasco, by carrying the coat of arms of the local noble family, showing a black hawk against a gilt backdrop. The Latin inscription “Probasti me et cogniusti me” means “You tried me, you knew me.”

Italian Treasures featured wine Ratti Barolo

Marcenasco 2018

Noble and generous, a glory of Old Piedmont, it is a wine suited to very long aging. Barolo is the absolute master of the dining room. It conquers the palate with strength, harmony and fullness and maintains its power at length. A great wine for important dishes, red meats roasted on a spit or grilled, game, dishes of gourmet white and red meats and ripe cheeses. Garnet red. Fragrance
with notes of liquorice and tobacco. Full and elegant flavour.

92pts James Suckling

“It was in the ancient 14th century Abbey of the Annunziata that Renato Ratti created his first single vineyard wine”

Marcenasco Barolo
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Tedeschi Vineyard


The Tedeschi winery is located in the centre of Pedemonte in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica. Over the years, they have restored and extended their
vinification facilities to make optimum use of the fermentation process during the
harvest period. This process also relies on their knowledge of which grape varieties to
select from the various plots. They have also enlarged their aging cellar to ensure the optimum maturation time for the wines. The wines age in Slavonian oak barrels with a capacity of between 1000 and 5000 litres. After the appropriate length of time in the barrels, the wines undergo a further period of aging period before they are released.

The family’s falgship vineyard, located at Pedemonte di Valpolicella in the heart of
Valpolicella Classica is called Monte Olmi. It has a south-western exposure and covers
2.5 hectares . The vineyard is terraced so that it drains effectively during periods of
heavy rainfall. However, the depth and the clay structure of the terrain also serve to
retain water during dry periods. During the early 60s, Renzo Tedeschi came up with the idea of vinifying the grapes from the Monte Olmi vineyard separately, thus creating one of the very first single-vineyard wines in Valpolicella. Today Monte Olmi is the symbol of the estate and its terroir.

Italian treasures Tedeschi Monti Olmi

Monte Olmi 2015

Aromas of crushed blackberries, spice and flowers combined with notes of Slavonia oak. It is full-bodied, with peppery, berry
character, medium tannins and a fine finish. The after-taste confirms the character of the bouquet. This wine has a long-lasting and persistent flavour.

92pts James Suckling

94pts Wine Spectator