Fells host Historic Marc Bredif tasting

Tuesday 24 October saw a tasting of Marc Bredif’s Vouvray Nectar and Grand Année wines at Clarette restaurant – the earliest of which dated back to 1945. 

This historic event, hosted by Stefan Neumann MS and Richard Girling, Fine Wine Director at Fells, was attended by a specially selected audience of specialist wine merchants and sommeliers, together with leading figures from the prestige sector of the wine trade.

Guests were treated to a special selection of wines from Marc Brédif, which has long been regarded as one of the most famous Vouvray and Chinon houses since it was established in 1893. When Baron de Ladoucette took over the house in 1980, he breathed new life into the century old winery, while preserving its traditions. Today, Marc Brédif, with its majestic cellars in the heart of the Touraine, continues to produce Vouvray and Chinon wines of the finest quality.