Eduardo Jordán named “Winemaker of the Year”

Eduardo Jordán of Miguel Torres Chile has been named “Winemaker of the Year” in Tim Atkin’s Special Report 2024. In his long-awaited report that covered 1,173 wines from 184 wineries, the highest distinction went to Eduardo – the Technical Director and Winemaker of Miguel Torres Chile.

Accepting the reward Eduardo said “I am very grateful for this recognition. Winemaker of the Year is a well-deserved achievement personally, but also for all of us as a team, especially those who have accompanied me over the years. It is undoubtedly an incentive to continue working together, with the conviction to contribute to our industry and to proudly take the wines of our country to the world’’.

Jaime Valderrama, general manager, added “we are happy and proud that Tim Atkin has been able to witness and experience our work on his recent visits, but especially because these distinctions let us know that the progress we have made has not only allowed us to improve our results, but also that they are being understood and appreciated”.  Tim Atkins study is the longest and most complete ever carried out on what is so far the largest wine-producing country in the southern hemisphere. “Chile, like many of its competitors, faces considerable challenges at the moment. But, as I argue in the report, it is also producing the best and most diverse wines in its history, making the most of its unique geographical position,” said Atkin.