A day to remember

Monday 13th May saw Fells and the Symington family launch the UK’s first ever Vintage Port Day at the NoMad hotel in London.

VP day article image

The three master classes hosted by Charles and Harry Symington provided guests with the opportunity to taste 25 incredible wines, including a sneak preview of the latest 2022 vintage releases and a rare chance to taste vintages from as far back as 1963 and 1985.

Managing Director, Euan Mackay and Master Sommelier, Stefan Neumann, from Fells then hosted an interactive panel discussion alongside respected figures from the wine trade which generated several interesting discussion points, including the subject of innovation where the Symington family are clear leaders.

The event also included a session by the School of Port where sommeliers were invited to participate in a blind tasting competition comprising of three vintages, with a lucky winner securing a trip to Porto.

The feedback from all 62 guests attended the day was overwhelmingly positive with many praising the exceptional quality of the wine they have tasted.

Based on the reaction to this year’s event, the Symington Family are looking forward to next year’s for Vintage Port Day which will be hosted by another of their key markets.