Lorenzo Tedeschi’s celebrates his 90th birthday.

On Tuesday 25 July, Lorenzo Tedeschi, a leading pioneer in the development of cru wines in Italy since the 60s, celebrates his 90th birthday. 

Widely recognised for creating exceptional wines that both define and express the true character of the Valpolicella, Lorenzo has also been instrumental in achieving recognition for the region and growing its reputation as leading producer of fine wines throughout the world.

Despite this, Lorenzo remains modest about his many achievements and continues to preserve the Tedeschi legacy by handing over the knowledge he has acquired to his children.

“Happy birthday Dad!”

“Yours is a 90-year old story that has blossomed and unfolded across a life fed by a passion for your territory and love of family, values that you have now passed on to us.”

Let us raise out glasses!

Antonietta, Sabrina & Riccardo Tedeschi