Graham’s Six Grapes 3L bottle

November sees the launch of Graham’s Six Grapes in an impressive new 3 litre bottle which aims to add theatre to port serve and elevate the dining experience.

The new bottle, which is exclusively available to the On Trade, follows on from the enormous popularity generated by the Graham’s 4.5 litre Tawny Ports in bars and restaurants across the UK. These large bottles, together with exciting food pairing initiatives, have resulted in Graham’s being the most listed port in the UK On Trade, according to the Wine Business Solutions Wine On-Premise UK Report. “A strong pouring programme is once again key to their success,” the report comments.

Vicky Symington, 5th generation family member and Graham’s Port Brand Manager comments, “We’re extremely proud that Graham’s is the most listed port in the UK On Trade and is ranked 5th out of the Top 20 of all wine brands served by the glass’.

The iconic Six Grapes symbol originated in the 19th century and represents Graham’s commitment to excellence. Following each harvest, Graham’s winemakers would mark the barrels using grape symbols to rate the port, with ‘Six Grapes’ denoting that the wine inside was the most complex, structured, and balanced – and had Vintage Port potential. By the early 1900s, Graham’s began producing a reserve port selected from these barrels. Since then, Six Grapes has continued to be Graham’s signature reserve port and is now distributed in over 40 markets around the world.