Fells ‘100 Collection’ tasting proves as popular as ever

The ‘100 Collection’ is a selection of wines from the Fells portfolio of world-leading family-owned producers that have been specifically chosen for sommeliers and prestige retailers – particularly in London.

Highlights of the tasting included the first ‘100 Collection’ showing of wines from Wiston Estate, the first English winery to join the Fells portfolio, world renowned Chateau Musar – also showing at the tasting for the first time – and premium Australian winery, Yangarra, the most recent addition to the Fells range.

The tasting, which was organised by Stefan Neumann MS and hosted by Stefan and the Fells London team, is the 3rd ‘100 Collection’ tasting that Fells have run and judging by the numbers attending it’s clear that the appeal of this popular event continues to grow.

Fells Top 100 tasting image 1
Fells Top 100 tasting image 2

For details of the wines shown and for any other information relating to the tasting please contact Stefan Neumann: stefan.neumann@fells.co.uk